October 06, 2004


Okay, a Dear Reader asked for 'em, so here they are: pictures of the Bronte scarf during its various phases of blocking.
bronteblocking 001.jpg
Prior to blocking, the scarf measures 57.5 inches long by 12.5 inches wide.

This kind of an event lacks plot. The only thing that's driving this story is the question: How big will it be after blocking?

According to Evelyn Clark, garter stitch lace can expand by as much as 30 percent.

bronteblocking 002.jpg
After soaking the scarf in tepid water for a little more than 20 minutes, I began inserting the blocking wires.

bronteblocking 003.jpg
All pinned out, at 66 inches long by 17 inches wide.

Is it a scarf, or a stole?

A note about the knitting: The center, the bead lace stitch pattern, was completely memorizable and I could whip through that portion of each row. I always referred to the chart for the border lozenges, however. Aside from the error in Row 97, the chart was accurate and easy. The Bronte scarf is a Sharon Miller design and appears in Rowan's A Yorkshire Fable; it uses Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply yarn.

Posted by Karen at October 6, 2004 08:13 PM

Oh, Karen, that is amazing. It looked like a scarf before blocking, but a stole afterward. It looks fantastic. Sharon Miller's designs are intimidating to me, so I am very impressed with your work!

Posted by: Anne at October 6, 2004 10:07 PM

Beautiful, Karen! The scarf...er, shawl...er, sharf's (!) metamorphosis from lumpy and amorphous to beautiful, structured and airy is really interesting!

Posted by: Ryan at October 6, 2004 10:24 PM

It is one *big* scarf! When I started it, I thought about eliminating one multiple of the lace, width-wise, to make a narrower scarf. But I stuck with the pattern as charted. If I make another one, though, I would definitely make it narrower.

Anne -- with the complicated intarsia sweaters I've seen you knit, a Sharon Miller design would be a walk in the park for you!!!

Posted by: Karen at October 6, 2004 11:57 PM

Ooh la la - that is one nice scarf Karen!

Posted by: Angela at October 7, 2004 01:56 AM

Your shawl is stunning.

I've recently come down with a serious case of lace fever, and I'm intrigued by your mention/photos of blocking wires. I've never seen them before.
I'd love to know where you learned about them and where you got them.

Posted by: Debbie at October 9, 2004 03:17 AM

Debbie: I bought my blocking wires from Patternworks, ages ago. Don't know whether they still carry them. I've heard of people using welding wires that they pick up inexpensively at their local hardware store; I've also heard of a brand of blocking wires called Zonta wires. There's always discussion of blocking wires on the knitted-lace list, wwww.knittedlace.com, and on the laceknitters group, www.groups.yahoo.com/group/laceknitters. If you're as passionate about lace knitting as I am, you'll want to join one or both of these lists (if you haven't already!).

Posted by: Karen at October 10, 2004 02:40 AM