September 29, 2004


A lot was accomplished at the Ferals' meeting on Monday night. I finished the last of the lace repeats on the Bronte scarf -- whoohoo! -- and am heading for the final border. Only 40 rows more to knit, and then she'll be ready for blocking!

The Bronte scarf pattern calls for 7 balls of Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, and it also calls for 10 pattern repeats of lace. When I finished the 10th repeat, I still had quite a lot of yarn left on the 6th ball, and the 7th ball on deck. Since I prefer scarves longer rather than shorter, I went for an 11th repeat of the lace, and that it what I completed Monday night. 11 repeats, and still yarn left on the 6th ball. (Pause, now, for a commercial: Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply and the Bronte scarf pattern in A Yorkshire Fable are available from Two Swans. Now, we'll return to our regular programming.)

I don't want to steal Ryan's thunder, so let's just say that she made some Very Important Progress on her Celtic pillow on Monday night. Check it out!

Posted by Karen at September 29, 2004 06:11 PM